Baroque Rome


Romantic centre of the papal Rome houses the most famous example of stairs of the world and the suggestive fountain of Barcaccia  an amazing scenography to link the square to Trinità dei Monti


Three popes  contributed to created the most monumental fountain of Rome, ending of the Virgo Aqueduct . The small dimension of the square makes the fountain more imposing and “ringing”. Set of many movies,  it was the favorite one of Fellini –The Dolce Vita.


One the most ambitious roman temple built for the emperor Augustus. Becoming a church, the Pantheon  for  20 centuries has been a religious and sacred center.
The dome, one the most famous example of the roman building technique, is one of the amplest of the town.


In 2000 years Navona square is become one of the most spectacular urban complex of the Baroque Rome thanks to the work of Bernini who built, into its centre, the fountain of Four Rivers to celebrate the Pamphily family.