CAST provides training and seminars for exams to take the licence of tour guides, tour leader, hostess, interpreters and head manager of travel agencies.

Our courses:
requirements: knowledge of at least one foreign language, high school diploma, Italian or European citizenship or residence permit for immigrants.

Tour Guide (3 months plus training)
Subjects of the course:

• Art History
• Archaeology
• Geography
• Tourist legislation

Tour leader (15 days plus training)
subjects of the course:

• Tourist tecnique
• Transportations and Comunication
• Tourist Geography
• Knowledge Valut and Costums
• Tourist legislation
• Professional ethics

Hostess (1 Month plus training)
Subjects of the course:

• Professionnal Tecnique
• Social Psicology
• Bearing and make up
• Fist Aid
• Congress Telematic Segretary

Interpreter (duration 10 days)
Subjects of the course:

• Tourist Legislation
• Tourist Organisation
• Duties and standards of the profession

Head manager of travel agencies (duration 1 month plus training)
Subjects of the course:

• Business organisation
• Marketing
• Transportation and Comunication
• Tourist Tecnique
• Tourism Legislation
• Touristic Geography

For more information:
CAST, Via Cavour 184 – 00184 Roma
Tel.064825698-064880848 Fax.064880577


Since 1975 The National Association tour leader works for the tutelage, acknowledgment and legalization of the profession and records members from all over Italy. replica rolex yacht master

The executive director, Gianluca Cioccoloni, explains the important results achieved by ANCOTUR

• It worked to promulgate the national law for tourism 217/83, the regional law and the provincial qualifying exams; to set up the regional roster; to rule rights, duties and prohibitions of the category.
• It is interested in social security and tax status of the category ( free lance with partita IVA).
• Every year with FIAVET propose professional fees in Lazio.
• Connected with CEE to protect the Italian tour leaders capability and it is in the board of Dipartimento per lo sviluppo e la competitività del turismo of the Presidenza del Consiglio to acknowledge the qualification of tour leader for the Europeans.
• It offers a range of services such as legal, trade•union, administrative, and security.
• It promotes courses to pass the regional certification exams.

For further information:
Via Cavour 184 – 00184 Roma
Tel 064825698/064880848

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