Angels and Demons


On the eve of the new Pope’s election, four Cardinals disappear. They’ll be found murdered by the deadly secret society, the Illuminati: each of them branded with a symbol connected to the four natural elements Air, Fire, Water, Earth.

The tour starts at S.Maria del Popolo Church (where the Cardinal connected with Earth shall be found) with two o Caravaggio’s masterpieces: St. Peter’s Martyrdom and St. Paul’s Conversion.

Inside the Pantheon (ancient roman temple turned into Church on 609AD and great artist Raffaello’s grave) expert symbologist Robert Langdon follows ancient clues to find the four kidnapped Cardinals.

On Piazza Navona the Cardinal connected with Water will drown in Bernini’s Four Rivers Fountain.

Tour ends at Castel S.Angelo (from outside) where Robert Langdon sets Cern professor’s daughter free and defuses a bomb.

ANGELS AND DEMONS – 4 HOUR TOUR (bus/car requested)

Four hour tour also includes S.Maria della Vittoria Church and Bernini’s masterpiece St.Theresa Rapture. The Cardinal connected with Fire will be burned alive on the altar.